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Integrity Asia Attends NAPBS-APAC

By 27 Dec 2021No Comments
Integrity Asia had another opportunity to attend the annual general meeting of NAPBS – APAC on 29 – 30 November 2018 in Manila, Philippines. This year, the event was attended by approximately 30 participants from various entities. Global Accreditation Plan was the main topic of the meeting. Partakers discussed and shared opinions regarding the pros and cons of small businesses competing with big screening firms. A minimum standard has to be set for accreditation. Integrity Asia will be more active in the future gathering events of NAPBS – APAC. The company will aim to be part of the event’s committee in the future. During the event, we met with competitors, partners, existing and potential clients. Various parties joined and united together for one common goal; advance the screening industry worldwide.

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